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Peculiar visit… (Part 5)



You can read part 1, part 2part 3 and part 4 here.


Christian steel blue gaze ping-ponged between the cracking fire and the screen of his phone.

He wanted to peek over his shoulder really bad, but the look on Laura’s face would most probably spoil the surprise, so he just stood still.

Suddenly, he felt really self councious. In his prime years, he wouldn’t even have thought about it, but these times were way behind him now, and he hoped the pants he had chosen while waiting for this odd meeting were flattering his rear end.

The cell phone vibrated in his hand, and he smiled seeing her number calling in. He tapped on the green button, and brought the phone to his ear.

Christian speaking…

The line was almost silent, but he could hear her breathing… He hoped she would speak up soon, because his face was starting to burn from being so close to the fire. Or maybe that burning feeling on his cheeks came from knowing that she was just a couple of feet away, staring at him.

Yes, this is Laura… You know, your clumsy stalker. I just wanted to say that your place on the sofa is feeling really lonely, and I thought it’d be the reasonable thing to call you to let you know. I think both it and I would be glad to see you back. I believe we have lots to talk about… Well, you and me, we can leave the couch out of this, unless you really want to include it into our discussion.

He smiled.

I should be back shortly. Make yourself confortable in the meanwhile. 

Christian brushed his beard, and turned around to face Laura.

Making his way back to the couch, he hoped she wouldn’t disappoint him, in the end.



To be continued…

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