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Surprise! – FFFC



The weather’s perfect! And the view is breath-taking…

Bent over her open notebook, Sarah pressed her cellphone to her ear. Even if she was about to turn thirty, her mother still looked after her closely whenever she dared leaving town.

It was silly, really. Because they didn’t even live in the same city, and rarely got to visit each other. But it seemed that any of Sarah’s wandering pulled her mother hen’s worry-heartstring.

Yes, Mom… I brought the pepper spray you sent me. But I doubt I’ll have to use it. I’ve checked and there’s been no bear sighting in the park in ages. And we left all the food in the car ”just in case”. I have to go Mom… Chuck’s coming back with wood, we have to start a fire before the sun sets. And I have to save some batterie power, if you want me to keep you posted through the weekend!

Chuck dropped the pile of wood by the tent, and sneaked in just as Sarah was sending kisses and hanging up. He stretched over the inflatable mattress, and gazed his girlfriend’s way, lovingly.

How’s my favorite mother in law handling our little camping gettaway, Hon?

Sarah shuddered.

Don’t say that, you know that it still creeps me out a little…

Chuck rolled on his side, and pulled Sarah closer to him. Her giggles filled the tent instantly. Suddenly, she realized how long they had waited to be this free together. Tenderly, she ran her fingers in Chuck’s white beard.

She vividly remembered when she had first met Chuck at one of her parents’ parties. She had never believed in love at first sight, but Charles (to her parents) had changed her mind. And though she feared Mom and Dad’s reaction to her new fling, she not-so-secretly wished they could make their coming out.

Chuck kissed her, before heading out to prepare the fire.

Love, when we go back home… We should tell them. Just as it is… Surprise!!


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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