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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s one thing that your country is the best at?


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15 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Sad truth, Lynn. Reminds me of a roadtrip my brother and I made to the States decades back, when the McDonald’s supersize meals were a new thing. We had tried one, just to see what it was like… And I still can’t believe to this day that someone could think that such a bucket of soft drink is a healthy thing to ingest. Incredible…


    1. Really? Did the government sent all Aussies a memo when I visited Australia? Because I don’t recall noticing that along my three weeks trip. Or maybe you people are juste very subtle about it? 😛


      1. No. We are not subtle. I think you must have restricted yourself to the more carefully manicured pathway where terrifying tourists with foul, aggressive language is discouraged.
        I live in a coal mining town. No such discouragement here.
        On the other hand there is a degree of official sanctioning of such things. Did you get to the Northern Territory (the NT)?


    1. What a sad sad first place. I feel for you people everytime I hear about a shooting on the news. I wish you all that your government will someday have the balls to (at least) forbid people to own military-lever weapons. That would be a great start, or so I think.

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      1. Thanks, really appreciate your concern and response. You are right. The people want it but the idiots they elect won’t pass common sense gun laws. It’s a horrendous situation here. Count your blessings!!


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