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A very special day…



Today’s a very special day…

It is about to end, but it is still very very special. Today our friend Trina from ItsGoodtoBeCrazySometimes  , turned twenty (with a couple of years of practice). I have to admit that I received several threats, regarding making sure that her big day didn’t go unnoticed. The ”Or else” included stuff like ”getting beheaded” and ”getting thrown in a lime pit”… You know? Nothing to worry about, really, but I decided not to take chances anyway.

Better safe than sorry, right?

You might think that I am doing a very poor job, considering that her birthday is already over in the U.K. but quite frankly, I doubt she’ll even notice.

See, Trina had an all-day trip to London scheduled. In shorts, a couple of fun things in the afternoon, and a lovely dinner followed by a play she had been waiting for. She did mention wanting to go throw eggs at either the house of parliament, or the Russian embassy. The final choice wasn’t set when I last spoke to her.

Given that we’re talking about Trina here, I am guessing that wine was involved throughout the day, meaning that she probably decided that – Hey! It is MY birthday, and I can egg both buildings!! – multiplying the risks of getting arrested by 2 (unless more wine then previously planned was involved in the process, and Trina got creative, and added other targets to her egging spree).

So yeah, there is a chance she’ll only aknowledge this post after spending some time at the police station, if not in jail.

And even if she gets home safely tonight, I have a feeling she’ll sleep late tomorrow morning. So… Win-win! That’ll buy me a little bit of time.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, just click on this link, and leave your birthday wishes in the comments. Trina will love the extra attention, and you might save me from a slow, painful death. LOL

Seriously, Fabulous… I hope you had a blast in London. That everything met your expectations, and that you didn’t end up having dinner at McDonald’s, or spending the night in prison.

And even if you did, I love you lots, and will help to raise the funds to bail you out!

Happy birthday, Fab you!


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