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Let’s party!



Let’s chill the Champagne, Lovelies, because we do have something to celebrate!

A year ago, I was thinking about doing something different in The Cove. In most parts of the world, people had already been locked down for a little more or less than two months, and I thought that I might not be the only one who’d enjoy seeing new faces, and talking to new people, for a change. 

I had my doubts about it working out, but since the only way to know for sure was to try, on May 24th of 2020, I launched our first Skypy Session.

It was a little quiet at first, but at least people did show up, and I didn’t spend an hour staring at an empty screen.

In shorts, if you never attended a Skypy Friday (which were initially Skypy Sundays, but Friday evenings were more convenient for the majority, so we changed the schedule later on…) they are weekly meetings on Skype, open to any blogger who feels like having a nice chat with jolly good people. Every week I publish an invitation post with the link to the virtual conference room. At 6 PM, Eastern Time, I log in and welcome whoever decides to join in, for a chat that lasts from one to two hours (depending on how many people show up, and how much we have to talk about – Two weeks ago, we hung up at 8h30, our longest talk so far).

It might be a bit intimidating at first, but I doubt that anybody regretted joining us, no matter how shy they were.

There are no rules during Skypy Fridays, except to be kind at all times. We talk about what’s going on with our lives, how the pandemic is affecting our routine, we share good and bad news. We’ve celebrated birthdays, had Christmas and New Year’s Eve special meetings. I’ve made friends with people I already knew before launching this, and I’ve discovered people I might never have talked to, if it wasn’t for our Friday meetings.

So today is (already) the first anniversary of Skypy Friday! I can’t believe this has been going on for fifty two weeks…

And of course, none of this would have been possible if you hadn’t participated. I would have spent an hour in front of my tablet, a couple of weeks in a row, then I would have thrown the idea in my ”Fails” file, and I would have forgotten about it all. 

So I’d like to thank you, amazing people, that made Skypy Fridays (and Sundays) the fun gatherings that they are…

Thank you, Fabulous Trina (from It’s good to be crazy sometimes). I knew Trina before we started this adventure, but we had never talked. (Hey, I even gave her a call from Denmark in 2019, she knew I would, and she didn’t answer!!!) Since the beginning of our Skypy sessions, we’ve really bonded, and she became a dear close friend that couldn’t get rid of me, even if WordPress ceased to exist overnight. Trina is pretty much my co-host, and if we ever fall short of things to talk about, she’s quick to google the weirdest facts to keep the conversation going. Don’t ever mention Boris Johnson in front of her though… That’s Simon’s job. Mouahahahahahaaa

Thank you, dear Suzanne (from My Dang Blog). If I had read the lady’s résumé before running into her on The Internets, I probably wouldn’t have dared getting in touch with her. But thank God, I wasn’t aware that she was such a talented writer, and it is her brilliant humor that won my admiration first. Suzanne is a regular of our Skypy sessions, but when she can’t make it, she always has the most epic excuses (my favorite was ”Sorry, I don’t have Internets tonight” – excuse sent by email… Go figure! – LOL just joking Suzunne, I know you really had Internets problems). Special shout out, my friend, you’ve become the best at leaving the meeting when dinner is ready! 

Thank you Alice (from The 59 Club). Latest addition to our regular little gang, I am so glad that Alice took a chance and jumped on our silly train. The colorful lady from Georgia has definately brought water to the mill. It is always a pleasure to see her join in, and she has a way to make sure everybody gets to participate. 

Thank you Simon (from Simon’s space). I had known Simon for a while, when he first joined our Skypy sessions. His first visits were rather short, but we couldn’t blame him, because our chats took place at 11 PM UK time, on Sundays. I’m glad that switching our schedule to Fridays, allows Simon to stay longer with us. He always manages to light Trina’s fuses, and his communicative laughter is missed when he can’t attend our evenings together.

Thank you Hokey (from Texas Writer). Also known as Texas-Larry, this gentleman rarely misses our meetings, and always brings along his load of interesting anectodes about his travels all around the US. The last year hasn’t been an easy one for him, and I really hope that making a new circle of caring friends made a difference. I know Hokey made one in our lives.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you Larry (from Eastelmhurst.a.go.go). New-York-Larry is more on the quiet side, but given how chatty it gets during our Skype sessions, I can understand that it is not always easy to make ourselves some place. But Larry adds his touch to our conversations, and often has the answers to questions we have (without the help of Google – *wink wink* Trina). And if he doesn’t show up, we do notice, and hope everything’s fine for him. 

I’d also like to give a shout out to the people who haven’t been regulars, but did attend one (or a couple) of our live chats. Thank you for your visits; Melanie B CeeJay-lynYinglanEleanorKristian and Apinder. It was a great pleasure to have you with us, and you are welcome back any time you wish!


So, let’s get the celebration started! On Friday, we’ll meet, as usual, at 6 PM Eastern Time. I’ll send out the invitation a couple of times during the week… If you have any idea of something special we could do, just let me know in the comment box.

I’ll throw a Meet & Greet Party over the coming weekend too… Feel free to invite any of your blogging friends! The more, the merrier, right?? 

Again, a big and heartfelt thank you to all of you who participated to the success of Skypy Sundays and Fridays! I hope you’ve enjoyed every live chat, as much as I have!  



17 thoughts on “Let’s party!

    1. I totally understand… I think we all felt this way at first. It is a bit scary. If you still aren’t comfortable enough to join the call, come and mingle with us virtually in the Meet & Greet Party during the weekend 🙂 It’d be a pleasure to see you there 🙂


    1. Aww Thank you Cheryl 🙂 I wish my work days were a little less busy… I’d then have the energy to start mingling more like before. *Fingers crossed* because we’re finishing a big project that gave us extra work for the last year. With a little luck, things might become calmer again.


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