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Great mingling night!

  Yesterday we had our sixth Skypy Sunday Chat Session. To be absolutely honest, I almost cancelled this week’s meeting at the last minute. Not that I didn’t want to meet with you Lovelies, but the weekend have been a little rough on my mood. Saturday morning, it was the first time in months that…… Continue reading Great mingling night!

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Until death…. (Tell me a story)

    It was a beautiful day, wasn’t it? Her voice trembled a bit, the memories suddenly overwhelming. She repressed a sob, and felt his fingers tightening around her free hand, encouraging her to keep flipping through the pages. She remembered how most of them had disaproved at first. Her friends, her family… Even her…… Continue reading Until death…. (Tell me a story)

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#WordoftheDay – Week One Recap!

  A week ago, WordPress’ Daily Prompt gave its last breath, leaving many orphan bloggers, mourning the daily inspiration. Seeing how this affected the WordPress community, Dee, Kate, Kristian and I teamed up to offer an alternative to anyone who’d like to join our little adventure! Everyday, at 7am (Eastern Time), one of us posts a Word of the…… Continue reading #WordoftheDay – Week One Recap!

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You’re going to miss the Daily Post?

You loved the Daily Post?  So did we! And seeing how people were going to miss the daily inspiration, Dee proposed to take over and offer an alternative to Daily Post’s fans. I offered my help, and so did Kristian and Kate. As a team, we’ll do our best to build a new inspiring haven.…… Continue reading You’re going to miss the Daily Post?