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Until death…. (Tell me a story)




It was a beautiful day, wasn’t it?

Her voice trembled a bit, the memories suddenly overwhelming. She repressed a sob, and felt his fingers tightening around her free hand, encouraging her to keep flipping through the pages.

She remembered how most of them had disaproved at first. Her friends, her family… Even her mom and dad had had doubts about their relationship. Of course, they weren’t an obvious match, but who were they to judge?

From their unexpected first meeting, she had known they were made for each other. And after dating for a while, and walking to the altar despite all the sceptics, they had stood the test of time.

And how happy they had been together! The photo album on his lap was filled with pictures taken during their travels together, and fun times spent in their little house in the countryside. Wether they were just gardening, or walking down the streets of a foreign city at the other end of the world, they were always all smiles.

People had gotten used to the odness of seeing them together. Some even envied them. Many of their friends had gone through painful divorces, but they had stuck together like crazy glue. Twenty six years of beating the odds.

She closed the album and put it on the table, beside the bed. She didn’t want to sleep, but she could barely keep her eyes open, and she knew he needed the rest too. Pulling the mask away delicately, she leaned towards him and kissed his wrinkled lips. Running her fingers through what was left of his snow white hair, she put the mask back on.

The hospital bed wasn’t large, but they didn’t need much space to snuggle up. With a little luck, the nurse wouldn’t mind her spending the night, again.

I love you, Darling!

Time had taken its toll on his body, but his eyes still shone as young as her own. Souls didn’t grow old, she thought to herself. Laying her head on his chest, to fall asleep to the sound of his heartbeat, she closed her eyes and dozed off.

The high pitched beeping woke her up suddenly. Turning to the cardiac monitor, her eyes filled with tears at the sight of the flat line…

He had refused any kind of resuscitation maneuver…

The fairy tale was over.




Kristian asked me to participate to the Tell me a story blog chain. Thank you, Kristian, for thinking about me for this fun challenge! If you don’t know him yet, please pay my kind friend a little visit!

The only rules are to use the photo I chose, and tell us a story about it, in any form. Then choose a picture of any type and nominate three bloggers to do the same with your own picture choice.



Here is my picture:



I don’t really feel like nominating specific bloggers for this one. Does this picture speak to you? If it does, please consider yourself personally challenged to write your own story about it!

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