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Hell Dogs coming…

    When Vohne found her, she was meditating by the lake. He knew that Claudius’ unexpected departure had troubled her, but she had hidden it well until this morning… Cibelle sat on the shore, close enough to the water to let it lick her bare toes. She remained silent, but Vohne felt the lullaby…… Continue reading Hell Dogs coming…

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FFF Challenge – Dramatic

The king is dead, long live the king!   I captured this stump in Versailles’ Royal gardens… The picture doesn’t quite honor the impressive size of the dead tree. I sat there for a long while, in the warm sunset, wondering how many years it had stood there, before being put down. All the history…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Dramatic

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Lucky…(Wilfred, the retired gentleman)

  Linda had always earned her name… She was, indeed, beautiful. Always had been, even in her bad days. She was beautiful all the way, inside and out. He knew it, and even if the years had worked against them, Wilfred had never given up. And boy, was he glad he hadn’t. They weren’t meant…… Continue reading Lucky…(Wilfred, the retired gentleman)

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Until death…. (Tell me a story)

    It was a beautiful day, wasn’t it? Her voice trembled a bit, the memories suddenly overwhelming. She repressed a sob, and felt his fingers tightening around her free hand, encouraging her to keep flipping through the pages. She remembered how most of them had disaproved at first. Her friends, her family… Even her…… Continue reading Until death…. (Tell me a story)

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Ghostly yours…

  You feel it, don’t you? The warm tickle of my fingers when in bed, your body lingers. My hands haunt the silk to wake you with shivers… You feel it, don’t you? My burning lips every morning, naughty tongue with the water, running down your back to your shower singing. You feel it, don’t…… Continue reading Ghostly yours…