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Vintage Notes…





One thought on “Vintage Notes…

  1. You are born, you arrive
    You fight to survive
    For reasons you can’t understand
    Then slowly you die
    And you must wonder why
    None of it seems to be planned

    It’s a soft covered book
    And you can’t help but look
    At first the words look worth exploring
    But scene after scene
    Like a cheap magazine
    The pictures are glossy but boring

    The plot is the same
    And it uses your name
    In a movie that’s constantly screening
    With show after show
    It’s a story you know
    But you struggle to find any meaning

    So you drift off to sleep
    Where the memories you’ll keep
    And you’ll find some relief until when
    Somewhere deep in the night
    Someone flicks on the light
    And the movie is screening again


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