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#WordoftheDay – Week One Recap!



A week ago, WordPress’ Daily Prompt gave its last breath, leaving many orphan bloggers, mourning the daily inspiration.

Seeing how this affected the WordPress community, DeeKateKristian and I teamed up to offer an alternative to anyone who’d like to join our little adventure! Everyday, at 7am (Eastern Time), one of us posts a Word of the Day, that the other three reblog on their respective sites.

You are more than welcome to join in, if you are looking for a little inspiration. Write a story, a poem, publish a picture that resonates with the theme du jour, and link it with a pingback to the original post.

I’d like to thank everyone who already participated. I think I can talk for the four of us, when I say that the response is really impressive, for such a new project! Thank you, and you and you too! It is so heart warming to see the posts adding up, you Lovelies are great sports!

I thought I’d list this week’s #WordoftheDay links, so you can easily catch up, if you’ve missed our first prompts. You might have noticed that the comments are closed on the #WordoftheDay posts, but I leave them open here, so you can tell us what you think of our daily invitation to be inspired, so far…

If you enjoy #WordoftheDay, make sure to follow one of us (or all four if you prefer, we’re all very friendly people to hang around with!!) and get your imagination ready! Oh, and don’t hesitate to share the word (lol) with your friends too!!

So here are the past week’s words…


June 1rst; Flabbergasted

June 2nd; Satin

June 3rd; Meh

June 4th; Gallivant

June 5th; Integrity

June 6th; Negociate

June 7th; Mellifluous


Be inspired, keep writing and have fun blogging!!

32 thoughts on “#WordoftheDay – Week One Recap!

    1. 😉 I have no intention in abandonning WordPress completely… But taking care of the Word of the Day is pretty much all I can handle at the moment… I already miss creative-writing and silly storytelling a lot. And as soon as I shake myself out of this frazzle (see what I’ve done here?? lol) I’ll probably be back full throttle…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. in your own time and way, your job sounds very full on, and you chat to so many of us I’m not surprised you got fried and frazzled .. would love to hear you are considering that course I suggested 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sure thing… WordPress will not get rid of me this easily… LOL

        I will write in private soon (been wanting to, since you sent your message, but I want to be mind rested when I do, because I owe you an intelligent reply :P) I “am” indeed considering this idea of yours, which totally surprised me, btw, and I’ll give you my thoughts about it! Thanks for guiding me towards this eventual change that would, indeed change my life a lot. It hasn’t met a deaf ear, believe me 🙂 Muuuah Kate 🙂 You awesome Lady!! xx

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      3. yeh you put a huge smile on my dial, you have so much to give and IT is a real waste of your skills, let alone pushy bosses who overwork you … in your own time!


  1. You and your “crew” have done a great job at filling the void the “Happiness Engineers” at WordPress left when they abandoned the daily one-word prompt. I haven’t participated in yours because I, too, jumped into the breach with my “Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (or FOWC), and since I have no partners in that endeavor, it’s keeping me busy. But I do believe the that WordPress community is large enough to support multiple one-word prompts. Congrats on yours.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sure thing, dear Fandango! It would be extremely pompous to pretend there’s only place for one new challenge 🙂 And I think you are doing an awesome job yourself! I don’t know how you manage to pull all the strings solo… and if you ever get a bit tangled or tired, let us know. I can’t talk for our Fab Four team (I don’t want to throw myself flowers, but the other three sure deserve them!!) but I am sure there would be a way to eventually merge the 2 challenges, and take a load off your shoulders. Just saying… 🙂

      Thank you for your good words (lol) and congrats right back to you 🙂 xx

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Kristian 🙂 I thought it’d be a good way to keep up with the weeks prompts. I’ll try to make it a weekly thing, for people who don’t visit WP on a daily basis…

      I’m also thinking about creating a page with all our past words, to be able to easily look back on what we’ve done so far 🙂 Not that useful right now, but in a couple of months, we might not remember all the words we used 😛

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    1. Thanks for the reblog, Kristian! And thank you for being part of this 🙂 It is still a work in progress thing, but I think we’re doing pretty good!! Have a great weekend xx

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    1. It is our pleasure! (I am pretty sure Dee, Kate and Kristian won’t mind that I speak for the four of us) If this can inspire you once in a while, it will be great to read the posts that you come up with 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the good words, Tony 🙂 I wouldn’t have the time to host such a challenge all week long, but having to work only on two words a week is just fine 🙂 The rest of the days, I just reblog the other members’ posts, which is not time-consuming at all 😉

      I hope to be back to my silly business soon. I really miss it, especially at night. And I miss the interaction a lot too. Chatting with you guys really brightens my day 🙂 xx


  2. I read Dee’s writes each day when I catch. I am new to WP and Dee has impressed me with her writings and I enjoy reading them. So many authorities of the art as members of WP that I have, by doing what I do, learned so much. I try and encourage Dee to go forward with her talent, and she might one day. I do know her, but she seems like a terrific person. All four of you should be commended on the task that you have taken on. Great job.


    1. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 This is a good question, and the answer is yes, you can indeed hop in whenever you wish 🙂

      Some people like to follow day after day, some others wait for a word that tickles their inspiration… And Some people will just go back a couple of days, looking for something to write about.

      There are no rules at all 🙂 As long as you have fun writing, and that you make sur to link in your post, so we get to read it, everything goes 🙂 That’s why I plan on making a Friday post about the past week’s words, and a page to list them all…. So if you’d like a little inspiration, but don’t like the word “du jour”, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your mood 🙂

      I hope this helps a little… don’t hesitate to ask more questions, if you have any 🙂 xx


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