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Let’s party!

  Let’s chill the Champagne, Lovelies, because we do have something to celebrate! A year ago, I was thinking about doing something different in The Cove. In most parts of the world, people had already been locked down for a little more or less than two months, and I thought that I might not be…… Continue reading Let’s party!

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Nice try…

  Yes, it is Wednesday again already! And I think that my alleged serial-killer neighbours consider me an easily fooled gal. Which, I must admit, I find reassuring, because that means that they don’t see me as a real menace, also meaning that I can stop hiding my Japanese chef-knives under my pillow at night…… Continue reading Nice try…

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Blink if you need help!

I wish I could use that kind of secret code with you, Lovelies… But that would require me selfie-filming myself 24/7, which is NOT an option I am willing to try just yet. I did consider a friend’s offer to poke me every hour… It seemed like a good idea at first, but after two…… Continue reading Blink if you need help!

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I think they suspect something…

My serial killer neighbours are not just potentially dangerous… They are annoying too. As you might remember, last week I published a post (finally) pointing a judging finger at my across the street neighbours. For years, they have been throwing out an appaling number of garbage bags every Wednesday night. Last week was no exception,…… Continue reading I think they suspect something…

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Thank you!

  Last year, at the beginning of the (first) lockdown, I decided to start a series of online weekend calls, to give people the chance to connect in a different way, here, in the Bloggosphere. To be absolutely honest, I was convinced that it would be a major flop, like many other ideas I had…… Continue reading Thank you!

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Happy birthday!!

Today’s the birthday of a very special person. I met Larry through my Skypy Sessions (that used to be on Sundays back then), and his cheeky comments in The Cove. The Texan blogger has a great sense of humor, and always has a fun story to share… Hokey is definately an important member of our…… Continue reading Happy birthday!!