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Nice try…



Yes, it is Wednesday again already!

And I think that my alleged serial-killer neighbours consider me an easily fooled gal. Which, I must admit, I find reassuring, because that means that they don’t see me as a real menace, also meaning that I can stop hiding my Japanese chef-knives under my pillow at night (quite a relief, after waking up with a mouthful of goose feathers the other morning!).

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you can my first three weeks of investigation herehere and here.

So… The above picture is the view I have from my window, this evening, and you’ll probably agree when I say it is highly disappointing. Absolutely no trash in view, not one single little bag to joke about, right? But you should trust yours truly more than that.

See, I am a chess-player kind of investigator. I try to think ahead of the game. And since this is a very serious research, I had thought about things that could possibly go wrong. One of them being, cars getting parked in front of the trash.

Since parking is only allowed after 6 PM on that side of the street, I was wise enough to peek out earlier than that deadline.









Nine bags and a trashcan for my serial-killer neighbour (if you’re new to this silly investigation, this is for only two apartments, as shown on the door)




Three bags and rolled up carton, for my (so far) completely legit neighbours (again, reminder… This is for six apartments)

I’m pretty sure some of you thought I was making it up… 

I am not.

Our curfew has been pushed back to 9h30 PM this week. Which means that I might get the chance to make a little trip across the street next Wednesday after sunset, and do some bag kicking.

We’ll see.


P.S.  If you’d like to join our little collective fiction writing project ( idea of my friend Hokey), just let me know in the comments… If none of the suggested characters speak to you, you can add your own. I’m sure we could make it fit in. Here’s the list to this day;

  1. Client/nosey neighbour lady (that’s my part)
  2. Gumshoe Private eye (that’s Hokey’s part)
  3. Local cop – takes a report from #4 about noise
  4. Next door neighbour (Taken)
  5. Trash guys (Taken)
  6. Police detective – interacts with #1 and #2


10 thoughts on “Nice try…

  1. You do realize that the one with the least amount of garbage is the one to be most worried about right? Or possibly warring serial killers? Some weird competition? IDK but I would be sitting next to you in the window nattering away sure that one of the two of them if not both were up to no good. 🙂

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    1. Mouahahahhahhahah the bets are on, as to what’s happening, but we do have a guest bedroom, and you are welcome to come over and stare out the window with me anytime you wish (once you get your vaccine, of course :P). I think we’d have a LOT of fun 😉


    1. They seem to be very secretive…. I hadn’t noticed the closed blinds, but it just adds up to the previous mystery. These people are not done with my subtle spying 😛

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  2. Ah ha! The plot thickens. Gumshoe will probably stake out the garbage soon. Has next door neighbor noticed any bad smell yet? Have they complained to the cops?


  3. Thank god the curfew has been extended! Now get over there and do some bag kicking! Lets hope you dont go shrieking into the darkness if you find something in there! 😛


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