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I’m still alive…

Though apparently, nobody worried the least bit.

I could be dismembered and rotting in a black plastic bag by now. After openly spying on my across the street neighbours and their appalling amount of trash on the sidewalk, for a month.

For all you know, these words could be my murderer’s. How could they access The Cove, you might wonder? Easy, if they had caught and killed me, they would have had an easy access to my cell phone (I always carry it around, especially when I wander around suspicious garbage) and my thumb to unlock it.

But no, I’m not dead (though, you’re wondering now, right? Wouldn’t you feel bad for not checking on me?). I’m tired, but not anywhere near deceased. I just lazied out last week, but that’s fine, because that means that you’re getting two weeks of trash for the price of one (and since you’re not paying a dime for my shenanigans, you don’t get to tell me that you don’t care because I’m boring… Mouahahahaha) 

So, let’s go back seven days.

I really wanted to go give a good kick in the bags. I know some people are waiting for that to happen, but when I got to my downstairs balcony, I stalled. I blamed Freja who took a short walk on said balcony (I had to check on her, in case she’d decide to run away, which she would never do, but that’s beside the point). And I took these pictures, from a brand new angle (you’re welcome!).



Notice the dark car that was parked way too far from the sidewalk… 




Once more, the ratio of trash for the two buildings was definately not proportional (Left building: 2 apartments – 9 bags, a box and a small microwave. Right building: 6 apartments – 4 bags…. Just sayin’). Interesting point, while I was taking my pictures, one of the residents of the right building got out on her porch and spotted me. If I’m badlucked and that the people in the right building are the suspicious ones, my life is probably really in jeopardy now.

Oh well…

A couple of days back, I got a new warning sign.




Come on! When the city decides that a ”detour” sign is needed because of a weekly pile of garbage… I rest my case, your honor!

And we’re Wednesday again, so I hope you’re wondering what happened tonight?




I think this is the worst (best??) week, so far.




Eight against two! BANG!

I’m waiting for my racoon’s costume to get closer to the bags… With the curfew getting lifted next week, I will take the investigation a step forward, just very late at night. The pictures might be blurry (I am considering making a video, that could be fun), but we will get answers!

That is a promise (I’ll wear my unicorn suit, if I don’t get my racoon costume in time).

If you have no clue what I am talking about, you can catch up with the following posts:


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Nice try…


See you next week… Hopefully!




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