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I think they suspect something…

My serial killer neighbours are not just potentially dangerous… They are annoying too.

As you might remember, last week I published a post (finally) pointing a judging finger at my across the street neighbours. For years, they have been throwing out an appaling number of garbage bags every Wednesday night. Last week was no exception, and I was weirdly glad about it, because I could prove to people I had talked to, that I wasn’t making this up.

But apparently, they have an eye on me too, because here’s what happened today:


For some reason, and for the first time in a looooooooong time, they only had a normal amount of trash on the sidewalk today (just in front of the white car)

Coincidence? I think not!

Did they take a break from killing innocents this week? Probably not. My best guess, is that they split their bags into two piles, because if you look closely, the bags just in front of the white car are the exact same as the ones in front of the black one. One way or the other, they are on to something, and they are trying to confuse me. And discredit me.

But I am more clever than that, and I am not giving up just yet.

In the meanwhile, this silly situation has inspired my good friend and gentleman, Hokey. You can read what my odd neighbours inspired him here. After posting his short story, Larry suggested that we’d make a collective series of posts, consisting in short fictions describing the different points of view of people who would be involved in solving the mystery behind the outrageous garbage disposal of my neighbours.

I love the idea of working together to have fun with this situation.

Would you like to play along? (I sure hope so)

If so, here’s a list of possible characters you could choose to be;

  1. Client/nosey neighbour lady (that’s my part)
  2. Gumshoe Private eye (that’s Hokey’s part)
  3. Local cop – takes a report from #4 about noise
  4. Next door neighbour (complains about noise)
  5. Trash guys (complain about amount and weight of the trash)
  6. Police detective – interacts with #1 and #2
So, what do you think? Wanna join our little mystery writing game? Just let me know in the comments. Come on, don’t be shy… You can even propose your own choice of character 😉
It’s going to be fun! I promise.

21 thoughts on “I think they suspect something…

      1. I would love to, I’m just a bit wary of my busy schedule at the moment and don’t want to promise something I can’t deliver… If you’re flexible with the timeline though I’d be keen on the garbage man role 🙂


    1. I will start to poke you every hour on Skype, but what do we do about my night time?? Maybe you could poke me, every night hour, until I answer… Or maybe I should just call the cops? LOL

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  1. Funny you should post this as I have lived in a few places and had a few weird neighbors.  But the coincidence today is that I thought the woman across the breezeway was a nice neighbor, has a dog.  Just now I saw her returning from walking her dog? Possibly?  And she let him raise his leg and pee on my patio, six feet from her own!  I was just going to write a blog about icky people and then read your post.  People are just plain obnoxiously rude!

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    1. OMG! That’s so rude!! When the border opens, I’ll travel to your place, and I’ll pee on her patio, for you Cheryl! I say an eye for an eye, a pee for a pee 😉


    1. Thank you, Caramel 🙂 After 14 monts stuck at home, with very little excitment, neighbour-watching has become a hobby that I thought I could turn into a short series of posts… I’m glad you are enjoying my over-active imagination 😉

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