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  Putting on her best smile, she adressed the reflection in the mirror. Ok my dear… What are we going for, today? The blonde knew what she wanted, which was refreshing. She hated having to go through every album and fashion catalogue, trying to find the look. Look that pretty much never fitted either the client’s…… Continue reading Next!

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Baltimore Orioles, anyone??

  Just before the pandemic hit us, Chéri decided to order the above bird feeder on Amazon. Little did I know how much entertainement it would provide all three of us. With gardening, birdwatching is one of the activities that really has boomed this spring! I was surprised to see how popular our bird feeder…… Continue reading Baltimore Orioles, anyone??

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Reading her still…

  Some relationships are meant to be… Some just aren’t. And some people just connect beyond the frame of what others see as a relationship. She didn’t believe in that before she met him. Oh, she knew she could connect with people. She felt empathy, and could be close to some, and closer to others.…… Continue reading Reading her still…