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Baltimore Orioles, anyone??



Just before the pandemic hit us, Chéri decided to order the above bird feeder on Amazon. Little did I know how much entertainement it would provide all three of us.

With gardening, birdwatching is one of the activities that really has boomed this spring!

I was surprised to see how popular our bird feeder became, almost overnight. It took a couple of days before we got our first visitor, but after that, the word spread real quickly.

Many different kinds of birds come and visit us, everyday. I’ll probably post something about it soon… I’m trying to fix something to film the little feather balls.

One thing’s for sure, we don’t have any Baltimore orioles in the area…




I would have noticed this little fellow, with its bright orange belly! So why am I blogging about Baltimore orioles if I’ve never seen one, you might think? Well, here’s the thing….

This morning, I started the day by scrolling down my Reader, looking at what people had published. I came across a post from Anne (from Horse Addict) with a series of beautiful Baltimore orioles pictures she took recently. It was the first time I saw them, and I thought ”Awww aren’t they pretty birds!!” And that was that.

Then I kept scrolling, and two or three post lower, Shelley (from Quaint Revival) also had a post starring the orioles.

What a coincidence, right??

So I linked both women to the other’s post, thinking ”what are the odds that two bloggers I follow would post such similar articles almost at the same time??”

And then I scrolled a little more…



Armann & Kaymann (from InstaViewPoint) had a post called Baltimore Orioles. Really, is it the birds’ international day? Is Life sending me a signal, a message, anything? What is going on with Baltimore orioles??


11 thoughts on “Baltimore Orioles, anyone??

      1. Sorry to keep bugging but I just thought if the tree hangers we made when my kids were little and hung on the Christmas tree in the backyard after C. We combined suet with peanut butter, raisins and bits of fruit that lasts like apple bits, etc. It mushed together and then we spread it over pinecones and hung on the tree.

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      2. (I’ll answer all three comments here 🙂 )

        First of all, I had no idea Baltimore orioles made such beautiful nests… Wow, there’s a lot of work in there!! I’ll notice it if I ever see one! Thanks for the info 🙂

        I’ll definately try to put some fresh fruit to see what new birds I can attract. We already have a lot of species coming to our balcony for lunch, but the more the merrier, right?

        I remember making such hanging bird snacks with my grand mother when I was a kid… She lived in the middle of the woods, back then, and sometimes, during winter, she sent me outside with seeds in my hands and on my tuque, and I’d play the bird feeder 😉 Good times…

        Never appologize for commenting, dear Cheryl 🙂 Your words are always very welcome!! xx


    1. Ohhh yes! I really was surprised when I realized how many different species live here in Montréal. I’ve never spent so much time staring out the window… Our two most surprising guests so far are a woodpecker (who isn’t that comfortable trying to hang to the feeder, but he just seems to love sunflower seeds) and a couple of cardinals that now come daily (they are pretty nervous, but I can tell that the little lady is getting comfortable with my staring)…


    1. Aww Rob, I envy you… I have my fair share of lovely birds here, but none close to this level of colorfulness 😉 Hope you’re well my dear friend. I’m still hoping Greenland will open its borders again soon, so we can set that dinner 😉 xx

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