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Reading her still…


Some relationships are meant to be… Some just aren’t. And some people just connect beyond the frame of what others see as a relationship. She didn’t believe in that before she met him.

Oh, she knew she could connect with people. She felt empathy, and could be close to some, and closer to others. But never before, had someone seemed to connect with her, like he had done it.

She never discussed it, fearing people would mock her and say she read too much out of mere coincidences. She had been the first to just joke about it.

Oh you, Mind Reader…

She would throw his way, when he seemed to see right through her. In his presence, she could never hide her true feelings, her worries and her pain. Tried, she had several times, but he had this way of tilting his head to the side, slightly, and frowning his eyebrows, he could tell everytime she tried to keep things from him.

He’s just good with body language…

She believed at first. Spending so much time together just made it obvious that he could point out changes in her bubbly ways. Subtle changes she couldn’t conceal, changes that told him when she chanced to fool him… In vain.

When he had moved away, though, she had become perplex about it. Life had led him away from her, and he could no longer rely on a fake smile or clenched fingers to tell when she lied. Still, when she needed him the most, a reminder of their time together came to her.

A letter, sometimes just a note. Just enough for her to know he had thought about her, and to calm the gnawing doubts in her mind. But how did he know?

She was doing well, better than she would have thought. Missing him had become a daily exercise, to keep the memory of them alive… But each day ended, and the next started, and she was standing tall and steady. She wished he could see her, and hoped he’d be proud if he did.

Nonetheless, the void he had left behind him was hard to fill, and every once in a while, she longed to hear his knock on the door. She wanted to rush, open it for him, take his coat, and offer him a coffee to talk over, like they used to do…

But the knocking just wouldn’t come.

That morning, she had woken up with her nightmares clenching to the back of her mind… She knew she could always try to reach to him, to seek a little comfort, but she prefered to toughen up, and let it go by.

Until the phone rang in the kitchen.

It was probably job, calling for her to fill in for a sick co-worker. She didn’t even look at the caller id before picking up the receiver.

Hello darling…

She almost dropped the plate in her hand when she recognized his warm voice. He had done it again. Reaching out a hand at the perfect moment. It couldn’t be a coincidence…

And if it was, coincidence was an art he totally mastered.


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