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Blink if you need help!

I wish I could use that kind of secret code with you, Lovelies…

But that would require me selfie-filming myself 24/7, which is NOT an option I am willing to try just yet. I did consider a friend’s offer to poke me every hour… It seemed like a good idea at first, but after two restless nights and an unecessary visit from the cops (I missed a poke-back while relaxing in the bathtub. Needless to say that this didn’t improve my stress level). The good intentions were there, but it just didn’t work out well, and we’ll have to think about something else to keep me alive.

Why do I fear for my live, you might be wondering? That would be because of my serial killer neighbours. Ok, I don’t have clear evidence that the building across the street is the theater of horrible murders so far.

So far!

I’ve been very careful this past week. I thought they suspected something because on the second of this series of posts, my weird neighbours had significantly reduced their amount of garbage bags. It couldn’t be a coincidence… So I stayed away from the windows (which was quite a challenge, ”outside” being much more exciting than ”inside” when you’ve been stuck at home for 14 months). And you know what?

It paid off!


Shall I remind you that the four bags pile on the right is for a six apartments building.


The nine bags (and a door?) pile in front of the left-side building, is the work of only two households. And I don’t have any proof of it, because my phone doesn’t take very good pictures in the darkness, but the people across the street did add two rather large bags to the above after sunset.

I really wanted to take a chance, and take a quick run from my balcony to give a kick in at least one of these. But it was raining, and I am a bit of a coward, so I stayed in, and thought, Meh! There’s always next week!

I do have something new for you, though.


This is a picture of the back of the building, taken this afternoon after one of my rare moments out of our apartment. I’m sure that some of you thought (like me) that my freaky neighbours might have a backyard cluthering problem.

Nope. It is all nice and tidy.


The mystery lingers…

P.S.  If you’d like to join our little collective fiction writing project ( idea of my friend Hokey), just let me know in the comments… If none of the suggested characters speak to you, you can add your own. I’m sure we could make it fit in. Here’s the list to this day;

  1. Client/nosey neighbour lady (that’s my part)
  2. Gumshoe Private eye (that’s Hokey’s part)
  3. Local cop – takes a report from #4 about noise
  4. Next door neighbour (Taken)
  5. Trash guys (Taken)
  6. Police detective – interacts with #1 and #2

7 thoughts on “Blink if you need help!

  1. Ah ha…the plot thickens. Time for our Gum shoe PI (Ken Hodges)to contact Det. Rielly O’Connor and check on missing people. He will get updates from his client, and possibly have Det. O’Connor come to her apartment to observe.
    To be continued…


  2. I would ask the other storytellers working on this to post the name of their characters so we can use them in each other’s storyline if desired. Thanks to all who participate.


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