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Blink if you need help!

I wish I could use that kind of secret code with you, Lovelies… But that would require me selfie-filming myself 24/7, which is NOT an option I am willing to try just yet. I did consider a friend’s offer to poke me every hour… It seemed like a good idea at first, but after two…… Continue reading Blink if you need help!

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Christmas Hygge Challenge… Week 3!

Last year, J, my best friend, challenged me to post 25 pictures for the Christmas Hygge Challenge… And she did it again this year. I’m posting my challenge on Instagram (you can find me under the name @thecyranny), and I thought I’d share my week’s pictures…. If you want to know the details about the…… Continue reading Christmas Hygge Challenge… Week 3!

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30-Day Song Challenge *Week Three*

  The third week of December is already behind us, and it is time for “part two” of my 30-Day Song Challenge. I try to be rather spontaneous while giving you an eclectic collection of songs. I hope you’ll enjoy my picks! Here is the link to the first part and the link to part two, if you…… Continue reading 30-Day Song Challenge *Week Three*

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Fragrant – Tuesday Photo Prompt – Word of the Day Challenge

what aromas come to mind … via Fragrant – Tuesday Photo Prompt — Word of the Day Challenge

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What do you dream of? – Week 3

Hello Lovelies, Third week already of this little dreaming game I play with you. In short, each week, I buy a lottery ticket for The Cove, and I promise to help make your dreams come true (in a reasonable way, ok Trina? LOL) if we win the Jackpot! Here is our ticket for this week; The…… Continue reading What do you dream of? – Week 3

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In response to Nikki’s Creative Prompt – Week 3: Perservere A long, lonely trip towards learning to fly…   Perseverance…  The more proactive cousin of “Patience”… The blurry journey between “Not giving up” and “Knowing when to let go”. Not an easy balance to master in one’s life… Everybody wants to fly like a butterfly, but…… Continue reading Persevere…

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Creative Prompt – Persevere – Week 3 — Flying Through Water

You like one word challenges? Nikki, from Flying Through Water, is hosting week 3 of her creative Penguin Prompts! You have a whole week to join the fun and share your thoughts about perseverance! I’ll be there  🙂 Welcome to week three of the Flying Through Water Creative (Penguin) Prompt!! We had 6 participants the…… Continue reading Creative Prompt – Persevere – Week 3 — Flying Through Water