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Skypy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, Lovelies!

Ok, this will probably be a bit crazy… and chances are, it won’t go anywhere anyway. But for some reason, I have to try it.

Recently I started to play around with Skype. The last time I had used it was probably when it first came up, in 2003. Even back then, I don’t remember using it a lot.

But (there’s always a ”but”), I wanted to try something new, and I spent all day wondering if it was a good idea, or if it would just suck. And the beauty is that I won’t know unless I try it.

So there it is… I’ve prepared a conference call on Skype, open to anyone clicking on the link below. I’ll be online at 6 pm (Eastern Time) and I’ll wait until 7 pm, to see if anyone joins in.

Drop by just to say ”hi”, or come to have a little chat. And if you’re a little nervous, just know that I am terrified to see how it’ll turn out. I have a feeling it should be fun, but the unknown is always scary, isn’t it?

So, it’s a date… In less than an hour, my (cyber) place!



Join in!! (link no longer available – join us, next time!)


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