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Cyranny’s quickie!



Are you a good or a bad loser?


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18 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I’m a pretty good loser if I’ve felt like I was an equal. In other cases, not so. Then again, I don’t often play games anymore since the complicatedness of most games for adults makes it too hard for me.

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    1. That is very wise… And I think that it is also important to be a good winner. My dad was a bad winner when our family played games altogether… Especially Trivial Pursuit, which game he almost always won (he has incredible general knowledge) and ended bragging about it. I wonder which one is more annoying, someone who can’t accept to lose, or someone who rubs it in your face when they win… Hehehehe


    1. Well, if there is cheating involved, I believe it is just fair to feel annoyed if you lose. Even the best loser (that sounds weird, doesn’t it?) is entitled to complain if someone cheated.

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  2. Ooooh – good question. I don’t like anything competitive at all nowadays. I used to swim for our county club, and remember upsetting a number of my friends when I won races. I found it much harder to cope with when I won and saw my friends hurt, than if I had not won. I didn’t feel disappointed for myself.

    In recreational areas of life – board games, sports – they are supposed to be fun – I love it when we can all laugh and tease each other. I remember so many evenings when nobody but nobody would remember who won, but we remember the laughs, the shock on discovering granny was cheating all along, the comical attempts to bribe or plead someone to sell them a property. I have so many fond memories of that.

    In other areas – I would not generally approach something with a desire to win But if there was someone important in my life, and I saw that someone was trying to steer them towards something I felt was harmful, and I was trying to warn them of the consequences, and yet they chose to take an unwise course and ended up hurt – I find it hard.

    I guess somewhere in my mind I am always fighting against things that are harmful and I hate to see people ending up hurt. It hurts me to see “the dark side” sometimes getting their hold of someone. I want so much to hold them back from pain. But people do have to make their own decisions.


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