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You’re invited!


Happy Thursday Lovelies!

A year ago, I was starting a weekly get together for any bloggers interrested in mingling with others. The fact that we’re still doing it could mean one of two things… Either you people are just too kind, and don’t want to leave to talk to myself. Or, there was some kind of a need for Skypy meetings. Maybe a little of both.

Take note that right after our little live chat, I’ll throw a weekend-long Meet & Greet Party with a little twist. I hope you’ll come and check it out, even if you are not comfortable with the Skype session part of our celebration!

Wether you are a regular, or if this is new to you, you are most welcome to join in, tomorrow at 6 PM Eastern time. Just keep an eye open for my ”Skypy Friday” post tomorrow afternoon. It will give you a link to the Skype chatroom where we’ll be meeting.

When is that for you?  Here‘s a user friendly time converter so you can be there on time.

If you’re new to The Cove, and this is the first time you read about Skypy Fridays, you can catch up by clicking here.

I look forward to hear about your week… Will you dare to join in?

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