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Drop by Go Dog Go Café!

What is Monday like, in your corner of the world? Here in Montréal, the sun is shining, the clouds are gone, and it definately smells like Spring is here to stay! What better time to stop by Go Dog Go Café, have a nice latté and chit chat with the other writers?? You have a… Continue reading Drop by Go Dog Go Café!

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Awesome Pity Meet & Greet Party!

  Following my previous post, I exchanged a couple of messages with some of you, regarding how brilliantly the day was unfolding for me. I’d like to thank you all again for your kind words, and your pats on the back. I don’t call you Lovelies, “Lovelies” for no reason. You are awesome people! And…… Continue reading Awesome Pity Meet & Greet Party!

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Party @ Trina’s… There WILL be cake!

It is Fabulous Trina's birthday, this weekend! So if you've considered joining her weekly Meet & Greet parties but somehow shied away, well this week is the perfect time to jump in!! Click on the link below, come and share up to 5 posts from your blog or from friends' sites... Come check out other… Continue reading Party @ Trina’s… There WILL be cake!

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Winter Party @ Trina’s – Bring your own snow!!

The weekly Friday Meet & Greet party is going on at Trina's place! And this week, since it has been snowing in UK, our fabulous host has decided that it would be a theme party! So put on your warmest winter clothes, fill your favorite mug with grog, and get ready to have a great… Continue reading Winter Party @ Trina’s – Bring your own snow!!

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Party time @ Trina’s!

Every weekend, Trina from It's Good to Be Crazy Sometimes holds a Meet & Greet party on her blog. And everybody's welcome to join in! No entry fee, the bar's open, and there's always plenty of delicious finger food to munch on! The music is great, the people are awesome, what's there not to like? It is… Continue reading Party time @ Trina’s!

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Promote Yourself Monday – Go Dog Go Café

I've been published a couple of times at Go Dog Go Café a while back. It is a great place to meet new writers and enjoy their work. Every Monday, the café offers to link in your favorite piece of fiction or poem (600 words max) for everybody to enjoy! Why not take a minute, find interesting… Continue reading Promote Yourself Monday – Go Dog Go Café

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Party at Trina’s…

The Fabulous Trina, from It's Good to Be Crazy Sometimes has taken a couple of weeks of break for the Holidays, but she is back!! You have until Friday night to join the party! Don't be shy, come in! I'll bring natchos and Tequila!!   Thats right its back, although I am still flitting in and… Continue reading Party at Trina’s…