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Have a cookie!



I have to say that I hesitated before publishing this post.

I don’t exactly know why though… Maybe because it feels like releasing personal information about someone else without asking for their permission. But since the person in question is a dear friend of mine, and since they posted the information on their own blog, I guess that’s ok, right?

Earlier this week, I learnt that Trina from It’s Good to Be Crazy Sometimes is presently sick. Last weekend, Monkey (her son) turned out pretty ill. He didn’t even care about Pokemons, which is worrying when you are aware of his obsession with them.

Monkey tested positive for dang covid the next day, but luckily recovered right after that.

Then Trina started feeling sick. I thought she just wanted to shift the attention people were putting on Monkey right back to her. But sadly, it is covid too, and even though she still manages to deal with it with humor, I know that she’s not well, because she hasn’t mentionned Pokemons either, all week.

At first I was a little puzzled. I didn’t know if I should be happy for her… After all, she’s been waiting for the first covid-zombie to be confirmed for months now. It would be the ultimate irony if she became it after all the training to survive a zombie appocalypse. On the other hand, being really ill could shake her plans to take over the world. And that would be devastating to her (and to me).

Then, I noticed that her Skype account stated that she was ”Looking for sympathy”, so I kept my congratulations to myself, and offered to fly over to UK to deliver her some homemade purple cabbage soup, instead.

As much as I hate to think that way, there is a possibility that she actually did turn into a zombie, and is just waiting to open her apartment door, toss my purple soup bowl to the side, and go for my brain.

But she is my friend, and as such, I am willing to take that risk.

In the meanwhile, if you know Trina, or are just kind-hearted, please pay her a little visit here. She’s looking for sympathy? Let’s drown her with so many warm wishes, that she’ll wish us all dead! Oh, and offer her a cookie! She just loooves cookies.

And if I go missing in a few days, lock all of your doors because she’ll probably have had a bite of my brain, and we’ll be coming for you. (Hokey, I have a feeling we might head to Texas first! Beware!!)

Fabulous, jokes aside, I wish you a fast and full recovery!

Love you lots!! xxx

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