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Have a cookie!

. I have to say that I hesitated before publishing this post. I don’t exactly know why though… Maybe because it feels like releasing personal information about someone else without asking for their permission. But since the person in question is a dear friend of mine, and since they posted the information on their own…… Continue reading Have a cookie!

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Temporarily out of order…

    I felt it coming.  When I started my mini vacation, 10 days ago, I knew I needed the break more than I would have admitted, even to myself. I thought I would use the first couple of days just lazying out to fill my batteries, and then spend the rest of it writing…… Continue reading Temporarily out of order…

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I knew it.

  It was inevitable… I’ve been extra careful lately. It is the time of year when you have to keep your guard up at all times, which I thought I had. To my defense, Chéri is like a toddler. He goes to work (ok, toddlers don’t do that, but bare with me) and he brings…… Continue reading I knew it.