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I knew it.



It was inevitable… I’ve been extra careful lately. It is the time of year when you have to keep your guard up at all times, which I thought I had.

To my defense, Chéri is like a toddler. He goes to work (ok, toddlers don’t do that, but bare with me) and he brings back every running disease his coworkers might have. He brings back a runny nose, a good cough, or even a mild fever every once in a while.

Sometimes, I think it is just a way to challenge me. “Let’s see if you can fight this one!” He seems to tell me without speaking a word. But my immune system is pretty dang awesome, I think living in Guinea for five years boosted it enough to face most North American perils!

A few weeks ago, I had a few flash bursts of fever over two days. I thought “He won… I’m finally getting sick!” But no… After spending my weekend in my pjs, wrapped in a blanket I was on my feet again, and ready to go back to work as if nothing had happened.

But this morning, I woke up coughing… And sneezing… And having chills…  And feeling congested. Dang!

There is a good side to it though. Since I very rarely get sick, Chéri went for coddling mode. Well, he is planin on coddling me. Hot bath, going for a walk to get fresh air, having soup for supper, and drinking a lot of pure orange juice (my personnal favorite way to fight anything… Vitamin C full throttle!)…

We’ll see how the day goes…

Oh and yeah, I was just here to say I thought I probably wouldn’t post anything substantial, due to stricking cold. But I guess it is not affecting my ability to write all that much, so, forget about it… I’ll probably be back later in the day anyway 😛

A great Sunday to you all Lovelies… If you go out, don’t forget your woolen scarf (unless you live somewhere warm :P)




10 thoughts on “I knew it.

  1. feel better soon. Make Cheri make you all kinds of lovely OJ’s and soups. Having fun editing your book…will be done soon. Have read it twice now. LOVE it and want the rest of it to read now. Will go over the editor (have fixed a few misspellings only..oh and I added a “and”……lol and will send it back soon.

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    1. Chéri is drawing me a steaming hot bath as I write…. With the orange juice iv, I should be back to my normal silly self in no time!

      I’m planning to get back to translation tomorrow morning… You’re giving such a boost to my confidence, I told Chéri I might have to quit work soon, since I couldn’t leave the appartment anymore, with my big head…. LOL

      Love you 🙂 *hugs*

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