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Temporarily out of order…



I felt it coming. 

When I started my mini vacation, 10 days ago, I knew I needed the break more than I would have admitted, even to myself. I thought I would use the first couple of days just lazying out to fill my batteries, and then spend the rest of it writing and getting up to date with my blogging.

But day, after day, after day, I postponed my writing, thinking ”Eh, I still have time ahead of me!”

And this morning, I woke up to a splitting headache, and lack of energy I didn’t expect. 


Despite a very warm bath and a long time wrapped like a sushi in a thick blanket, my body temperature dropped to 34,5 C, which qualifies as hypothermia. I felt dizzy and a bit nauseous.

I shouldn’t complain, Chéri’s sister has just been diagnosed with covid-19, and is probably having it much harder than me. But I am definately not going to work well and rested tomorrow morning.

Let’s just hope that the night will work some magic.

*Fingers crossed*



11 thoughts on “Temporarily out of order…

  1. All parts are crossed for you here in Texas. I hope that helps you get over your illness…if not…I hope the visual gives you a giggle.

    I tried this once before but it didnt act like it worked. Sorry if it duplicated itself.


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