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Have a cookie!

. I have to say that I hesitated before publishing this post. I don’t exactly know why though… Maybe because it feels like releasing personal information about someone else without asking for their permission. But since the person in question is a dear friend of mine, and since they posted the information on their own…… Continue reading Have a cookie!

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Miracles do happen!

. And when Chéri sent me the above picture, I knew right away that I would have to share the good news with you, Lovelies. Everyday (except for the weekends) arround 11h00 am, we get this grid that provides us with all the (more or less) interesting updates about covid-19(20, 21) for the last twenty…… Continue reading Miracles do happen!

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Straight as an arrow – #1MinFiction

  Her arms full of all the groceries she had stolen from the abandoned store, she halted and stared at the arrow still stuck to the floor. How awkward, she realized. She never would have thought that someday she would wish she’d be living in a world where keeping a two meters distance from other living…… Continue reading Straight as an arrow – #1MinFiction