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Miracles do happen!



And when Chéri sent me the above picture, I knew right away that I would have to share the good news with you, Lovelies.

Everyday (except for the weekends) arround 11h00 am, we get this grid that provides us with all the (more or less) interesting updates about covid-19(20, 21) for the last twenty four hours.

Not excited yet? Just bear with me…

There is the total number of vaccine doses (doses de vaccin) with the number of people who got their shot yesterday. The new cases (cas confirmés) – you might think that 184 new people infected isn’t all that bad, but knowing that a couple of weeks back, we were under 100 cases a day… Meh, not that good a news! Then we have the number of people hospitalized because of the virus (personnes hospitalisées), with a count of 58 (I guess I don’t have to translate stable, do I?). That’s good news! But there’s better. The total of people treated in an intensive care unit (Soins intensifs) has dropped by one. Yay us!!

And now get ready to pop the Champagne.

The last update is about our covid-19 deaths (Décès). With a total of 11,240 in the last year and a half, one would think that there’s nothing to celebrate, but one would be wrong!

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, and not only here in Québec, but (I am pretty pretty sure) AROUND THE WORLD, we are minus one death today!!

Now, if that’s not good news, I wonder what would be?

One of our deceased patients of the coronavirus came back to life!! Woot woot!! If it happened here, there is no reason it shouldn’t happen in your corner of the world too! Isn’t that a refreshing thought? Hope, at long last…

I can hear the skepticals among you thinking.

Someone from the news channel just made a typo, no-way can someone resuscitate from covid-19!!

But TV people are serious about their work, and I trust them. Why would they say that a man (or woman) woke up from the dead, if it hadn’t happened? It’s not as if I had caught this on Twitter!

I must admit that there is something that worries me a tiny little bit. I’d rather stay all positive and hopefull, but I have been warned time and time again that this might happen, and I’d hate it if all our past efforts to stay safe got ruined just because I didn’t want to face a possibility.

What if (I really don’t want to go there, but I have to), what if the vaccine was starting to turn the dead into… Zombies???

You can be sure that I’ll keep a close look on any raise of the undying patients number.

At least, someone must be sitting on her bed, clapping her hands with excitement, if she’s reading this.

I’m not.

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