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Gibraltar… Check!

If you’re a regular in The Cove, you know about my love for flags. If you are new here, well… I love flags. My WordPress statistic flags, that is. I’ve long understood that focusing on my blogging stats is wrong. But collecting flags… Sir, yes Sir! Here is my current ”All time” (more accurately ”last…… Continue reading Gibraltar… Check!

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Spicing things up…

It’s been a while, since I last talked about Greenland, which does not mean that I gave up wanting to add its flag to my collection. Not even close. If you are not a regular in The Cove, you have to know that I don’t make a big fuss about my blog’s statistics. I do…… Continue reading Spicing things up…

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Another one gone… (Almost)

  2019 is almost behind us now… It seems that, as the years roll by, time goes on faster and faster. Things happen to you, good and bad, longed for or totally unexpected. New people bump into you, and others storm out of your life. And suddenly you find yourself standing under the mistletoe, sipping…… Continue reading Another one gone… (Almost)

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Let’s talk about success!

No, no… Not sex. I’m not a Salt-N-Pepa member! Following the interest for my first two posts regarding blogging ( you can catch up with The fine art of commenting & Between bloggers ), and the long and insightful conversations they provoked, I thought I’d keep sharing my thoughts about our common hobby. As I mentionned number…… Continue reading Let’s talk about success!

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I knew it! (little cue for newer bloggers)

If you’ve been visiting The Cove for a while, you know I care more about my collection of flags than I ever will for my actual statistics and numbers. Which doesn’t mean I never check my views, likes and followings. Another thing I don’t do often, is being pretentious enough to give advice to other…… Continue reading I knew it! (little cue for newer bloggers)

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I think WordPress is trying to make me feel bad.

I know… It is childish to think a website could hold a grudge against me. But somehow, I just couldn’t think otherwise yesterday. Remember lately, when Australia lost its flag in my stats? It was back when my trip planning was beginning to gnaw on my blogging time. It was pretty clever. WP knows dang…… Continue reading I think WordPress is trying to make me feel bad.

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Research by keywords…

  Just in case you didn’t know, in your Blog’s stats, you can see the visits you got after a research by keywords. I like having a look at what brings people to the Cove, and most of the times, the searched words are “Once I was 7 years old”, most probably because of the…… Continue reading Research by keywords…

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Hello, World!

Yes, with an exclamation mark, nothing less! During the week end, I checked out my statistics a bit. I try my best not to spend too much time worrying about them, because it would surely suck the fun of Blogging out of the Cove for good! Statistics are tricky… When things are going well, let’s…… Continue reading Hello, World!