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Unknown… Really??



I am a little perplex.

The past couple of days, while working on my little (read ”insane”) project for the end of July, I noticed something fishy in my statistics.

If you know me, you also know that I don’t really care about numbers, but I do like my flag collection. I like it a lot. Because it is a great collection, though not complete to this day.

I’m still missing Greenland (don’t even think about mentionning it, if you got a visit!) and Svalbard. I don’t have Guyana and French Guyana, along with a handful of central African countries. I’m also still waiting for Kosovo, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan, North Korea and finally, New Guinea.

I’m the patient kind. That will pay off, eventually.

This morning, when I checked on my collection, I took the above screen-shot. I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed what got my attention too.

”Unknown Region”…

I know there still must be bits and pieces of land here and there, that haven’t been explored so far. But I would have thought that if tribes lived in these remote spots of the world, they wouldn’t have access to The Internets.

Now, that might be judgemental of me. Maybe these unknown tribes do squat The Internets, absolutely flag-less.

Or, maybe it is someone standing on a border… Therefore confusing WP’s doubtfully-happy engineers.

My third guess is that some friendly aliens are paying our planet a visit, and found their way to The Cove, somehow. I know that this perspective might not be as exciting, to some people, as a zombie invasion, but, zombies are Earth-crawling creatures, and because of that, they should own a flag, as dead as they might be.

No matter who or what is visiting The Cove, I have a feeling they might do it again in the days to come, since the ”Unknown Region” has been showing in my stats for a couple of days in a row…

So, if you are that person (or whatever), and you are aware that WP doesn’t recognize your homeland as a country, please, pretty pretty please, leave me a note in the comments below!

Please help save the little sanity I have left. LOL

5 thoughts on “Unknown… Really??

  1. I checked my stats for today, this week, and this month, and so far I have received no views from “Unknown Region.” But last year I got one view from Greenland! 😉


  2. Well, I had a different and more severe problem with WP that was caused by their update on 4-18-2022. Just curious if anyone else had the same issue. The day the update was implemented by The Developers my blog stats dropped by 80% on viewers. To this day they are claiming that they do not know why or how but – IT WASN’T THEM. Would love to know if anyone else has had like issues. In the past they dropped followers and I was able to prove it to them but I guess they got better at it and left no incriminating trail this time!! Please let me know if anyone has had this type of issue – Thanks for your help! Sorry about your flag issue!!


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