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Just thinking…

  Exactly a year ago the World Health Organization was announcing that we were now dealing with a worldwide pandemic.  I remember how people first thought that things would get back to normal within a few weeks, or a couple of months to the most… Aouch!  How wrong were we, right? But there are also the…… Continue reading Just thinking…

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World – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is via World — Word of the Day Challenge

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Looking back on March… And April!

A little late, but I was busy… Meh, ok! I just lazied out a little bit, but they say “better late than never”, and I say that too! Especially when I am late, like I am, and let’s face it… we’re just losing time right now! Regulars in the Cove know what this is about,…… Continue reading Looking back on March… And April!

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Taking over the World…

  One flag at a time, I keep coloring my World map! It is so exciting to see new flags adding to my already impressive bouquet 🙂 I just love to see new countries visiting the Cove, even just once… A picture is worth a thousand words… I just hope to color some more soon…… Continue reading Taking over the World…

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What is wrong with you people…?

Tag seen in a subway entrance, in Chicago For a few months now, I have tried to watch the news as little as possible. As I saw on a Facebook post a few days ago, I want to keep myself informed, but it is interferring with my mental well-being. Just today, all we hear about…… Continue reading What is wrong with you people…?