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. As you might have read, or heard on the news today, Iran’s leaders have voted in (with 227 parliament members’ signatures of a possibility of 290) a law allowing authorities to execute the imprisoned protesters, because these rebels need a ”hard lesson”. As a result of that, something close to 15,000 people will probably…… Continue reading Puzzled…

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Fixing things…

. Even With eyes wide Shut, I can’t unsee The rage Ruling our world. The bashing, The bullying, The negativeness Spreading… The rich getting Richer, The poor getting Poorer. Unacceptable truths, For the poorly-given Souls Who give a damn about it. How can we fix Our world? How can we Solve this problem? I say…… Continue reading Fixing things…

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Happy first WWW! – World Wide Wave

. Today is the International Friendship Day. But is it also the first World Wide Wave Day, which is even more exciting to me. You are all welcome to visit us by clicking on the link below.If you, too, believe that together, we can make this world a better place, one little kindness gesture at…… Continue reading Happy first WWW! – World Wide Wave

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Baby steps… – World Wide Wave

I’m moving forward with the WWW, one baby step at a time.And I am excited about it. I hope you are, or will be soon too! Because our world sure needs a little more positivity. With everything dark going on around the globe, join us to make a little crack to let the light in,…… Continue reading Baby steps… – World Wide Wave

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Unknown… Really??

. I am a little perplex. The past couple of days, while working on my little (read ”insane”) project for the end of July, I noticed something fishy in my statistics. If you know me, you also know that I don’t really care about numbers, but I do like my flag collection. I like it…… Continue reading Unknown… Really??