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Cyranny’s quickie!



How do you try to make a difference in this world, at your own scale?

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5 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Making a difference in this world – I think the key is having a clear focus on what is harmful and damaging as compared to what is healthful and up-building. You see many opportunities on a daily basis to contribute and reinforce all that is good. So everyday actions to large sacrifices:
    – let your family and relatives find your company joyous and abundant in kindness
    – thank your colleagues for all of their hard work / be specific in showing appreciation for their qualities / resolve issues quickly and be open minded to trying other people’s ideas
    – smile at people you pass and say “good morning”
    – think in terms of what you can give rather than what you want for yourself / take care of what you already possess / limit your intake of more material things that you don’t really need / don’t be wasteful / don’t let the commercial system control your thinking
    – clean as you go
    – learn from your mistakes and letter them make you better not bitter
    – regularly walk in nature / linger in watching nature’s magnificent wonders
    – shun unkind gossip and critical speech
    – be balanced (on a personal level – rest, eat, work, laugh, sing) (with others – forgive and be reasonable)
    – make time to consider your beliefs, convictions, ethics, values – find answers to questions that deserve answers and do not let anyone cynical put you off, because those answers are freely available and bring oceans of peace and hope and stability
    – see the world as one human family who need help and education in order to care for our exceptional home

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