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Cyranny’s quickie!



If you had to choose, would you rather work with very young children, or elderly people?



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11 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I am not sure I would opt for a random group, but when I had the chance to work with our volunteers who were in their 70-90s….wow, wow, wow! The incredible life stories, the nuggets of wisdom, the golden hearts of kindness and eyes that sparkle with love – it was the deepest honour and privilege to learn from them.

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  2. I have worked with both and I am back to working with the elderly. I prefer them. I love babies and little kids, but my patience level for endless crying, temper tantrums, and a barrage of constant questions or squealing isn’t what it used to be. LOL!


  3. The young, definitely! There is nothing quite like the joy and excitement of watching children discover life, lean and play. There is something about the innocent laughter of children that brings a joy to your heart. I love the wonder in children’s eyes when they learn new things.


  4. That’s tough. They both generally poop their pants and can have full blown tantrums. Both are generally stuck in the terrible twos.
    Realistically, I currently work with children and I also have worked with elderly. The physical limitations and health issues of the elderly can be challenging, but helping stretch their cognitive muscles helps them feel better and makes me happy.
    Children have the same benefits for me, but also boundless energy which makes me want to sit on them to keep them still so I can stop playing for a while (or stop them from killing each other) and just catch my breath or let myself cool down.
    I have heard people say that the joy and curiosity of children drives them to love children. I have found that in some stages of dementia, the elderly are no different. They have their memories, but if you can pull them out and to the current, they are learning for the first time. There is nothing as wonderful as hearing a woman (or man) who have been miserable because they don’t understand who anyone is and know that things are missing in their lives, be pulled to the present. Their laughter is just as joyous and infectious as a child’s, but it’s so rare it’s truly a beautiful gift for them, for me, for their families.
    So I’d pick the elderly most of the time with an exception for specific children


  5. I’ve had it with these 45 year old youngsters…….In my day….etc.etc…..
    And we couldn’t carry phones around.
    It’ll all come around again. I tell you…look vinyl records are back…..see what I mean.
    At least I can have decent conversations with my grandchildren.
    What was the question again?


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