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Gettin’ ready!



I should have done this earlier, as I am participation every week.

Trina is a fabulous young(ish LOL) lady living in UK, and blogging about her everyday life. Her blog is filled with post about her doubts (read ”hatred”) regarding her governement, Lego bloc building and sorting, her occasional walk odd picture-taking, complains about her dog and two cats and exploring her new passion with geography…

She tries to hide behind an ironic mask, but she has the biggest heart. And that’s why she hosts her weekly  Weekend Share. On every Thursday, Trina posts her Weekend Share post, and welcomes 5 links per participating blogger. Over the coming weekend, she visits and shares every link left on her post.

This week, the theme is ”Hug your cat Day”. 

I considered celebrating it, but Miss Freja has a different opinion about it. I’ll let you judge from her look in the above picture. She seemed to tell me ”don’t push your luck!”. 

I think I’ll go for the safe solution… But I’ll still pat her when she lets me.Just hoping Trina will find an easier weelend challenge.


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