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Baby blue…


– What about that blue, Mel?

She took her custard off  the stove, and checked its texture before walking to his room to give her opinion.

– Whoa! That’s bright! But I like it, Nick, I like it a lot…

She checked the door frame before leaning against it, and took a moment to stare at him, while he kept the roll going up and down the wall.

When she had answered the ad in the local newspaper, she never would have thought that five years later, she’d still be co-leasing this apartment with him. She just wanted a cheap place, until she could bounce back, but things had clicked between Nick and her, and she had no intention of moving again.

They were more than friends now, but not quite an item. They were dancing on a blurry flirting line, which highly annoyed both their friends.

She was about to head back to the kitchen when Nick turned her way.

– I was thinking… – He dipped  the roll in the tray – How about a very light yellow for the guest room?

– But Nick… We don’t…

– If you moved all of your stuff to this room, we could have a nice place for friends to crash, from time to time…

She hesitated.

– You seem very confident about this, Mister.

Walking to her, she felt butterfly flutters in her stomach. He wrapped his arms around her, bent down and sealed their new deal with a kiss.

This short fiction is a ”practice” for November’s NYC Midnight 250 word Microfiction Challenge, using Caramel’s prompts: Romance / Painting / Confident. Thank you πŸ™‚ 

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