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My dang dreams…



I have the weirdest dreams… 

Sometimes I think that my brain spends all day just trying to act normal, and behave. But as soon as my head hits the pillow, and I fall asleep, it goes into party mode.

And by that, I mean opening all my souvenir drawers and throwing my well sorted out memories in the air, messing around and mix-matching moments from my past with hopes for the future, important events with totally insignificant details… And it is obviously having a LOT of fun.

Then I wake up with an after taste of absurd adventures. I can understand some of the references, but there’s always a WTF background, that leaves me under the impression that my brain had a really good time. (if you want a very good example, you can read my post Power nap)

Last night, I dreamt about Suzanne from My Dang Blog. That in itself, is not a big surprise, since she’s a blogger I follow closely since a good while, and a woman I love and admire… If you don’t know Suzanne, let’s just say that she really looks like a very classy, serious and professional lady. But, she also has the most delicious and wacky sense of humor, and the contrast between the two makes her even funnier.

(Seriously, you want to follow her!)

(And buy her book, The seventh devil!)

(Suzanne is awesome!)

Okie, with that said, last night, I dreamt I was on a very rock’n’roll journey. That part is a bit blurry, but it involved jumping from a cliff, rafting along a furious river, and swimming for a looooong time.

But then I ended up at Suzanne’s house, where she and her husband welcomed me with open arms. Apparently, I was to stay there for some time. I had registered to some writing course, and had to write several 250 word stories (I think we all know where that comes from). 

Both Ken and Suzanne were taking care of my every needs (I really hope I was paying you, Suzanne… Because you two really went out of your way to make me comfortable in every way possible!) 

Up to that point, things were not so weird, aside from the chaotic journey to Suzanne’s house, and the fact that I was dreaming about someone I have never met in person. And that’s when I noticed that the couple had a massive collection of ridiculously fancy water guns.

No toys for kids, let me tell you that. The guns had very complicated electronic functions, and there were charging stations in every room of the house, where you could connect up to 6 guns to refill them with water and charge them up.

I’m not trying to give you ideas to spice up your lockdown, Suzanne, but we did have an amazing time childishly chasing each other around. And you were the coolest, for letting us use the water guns indoors!

I know, it’s just a dream… But still. Get that quince jam ready, I might get tempted to visit Ontario soon… Mouahahahahahahaha  


6 thoughts on “My dang dreams…

    1. Not this time, no 😉 But I did have my share of naughty times spent with Mr Mikkelsen (among others)… But that’s probably not going to get published in The Cove 😛 It would make Mr Tips blush for sure, mouahhahahahaha.

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  1. Haha, I think my brain does that too. And the worst part is, no matter how weird the dream, my brain still thinks it’s totally normal during those hours. Like yes, it’s fine to be flying from home to work today, and yes, I can boil water with my hands, oh no my teeth are falling oh wait what—then I wake up.


  2. You might be surprised to know that we actually did have a collection of fancy water pistols–they were the NERF kind that our daughter used to have! And there’s a jar of quince jam with your name on it, waiting for the day you come and visit!


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