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Power nap!


You probably think that sleeping is a resting process. Especially for the head, since it is the only time of day (night) that we don’t use it counsciously. And a nap should be even more restful, since it is bonus sleep. Right?

Wrong! At least for me.

If you have ever wondered where I find the ideas for all the stories, poems and shenanigans written in The Cove, you’ll understand here that my brain is on a 24/7 mission to make up stories…

The following is a dream I had this afternoon, while I was napping. When I woke up, I quickly grabbed my tablet and took notes to keep as many details as I could. This is what I remember.



It all started on a tv set, where I was about to participate to a talk show with a very well known comedian, here in Québec. We were getting prepped up, when I suddenly felt like I needed to check something backstage.

When I got there, there was a major leak from the ceiling, and Nicholas Cage (???) was trying to wipe the water with kleenex tissues. I thought it was absurd, and suggested he would use the toilet paper rolls on a shelf nearby. But they were actually tv props, cans of beans wrapped like individual toilet paper rolls! (??)

I said I’d go get some paper to take care of all the water falling from the ceiling (because, why fix the leak when you can just wipe the mess??), and we set our watches. I had 15 minutes to come back with my loot. And you know, you don’t want to disappoint Nicholas! So off I went.

I found myself in an unknown city, with Chéri and Mathieu (an ex-roommate). The three of us wearing backpacks. There was no store in sight, so I ran to the first woman I could spot, to get direction. For some reason, the said woman seemed afraid of me. She kept pointing out to stores like a sex shop, and a garage, where I would never find paper, for Mr Cage.

Chéri dragged us in a store selling eye-glasses. (??) There, I stumbled on a man holding a shitload of napkin packages. I hurried to grab his arm, to keep him from falling down, and to thank me for doing so, he offered us the shitload of paper towels. Yay! (Yeah, I know, it might look like my brain took a short cut here, but hang on!)

We were about to run back to the studio, when I noticed I had lost my backpack, which felt like a very big deal. So I started looking around, and found myself in the middle of a whole bunch of people with backpacks… A gathering of sympathizing backpackers who decided to help me out (because you know… what a catastrophy!!)

One of the women started telling me about a GPS tag she had on her bag, that she could even light up with her cell phone (I am definately going to look for these, and attach one to everything Chéri owns… Keys, wallet…) to find it.

Suddenly, I spotted a man wearing a green coat with a hoody, and backpack that made me think about my blog The Turtle’s Journey (yes, I think about blogging even in my dreams) and I walked to him to ask if I could take a picture of him. He agreed, and wrapped an arm around my shoulders to take a selfie.

That’s when I realized he was a big star. I had no idea where I had seen him before, but I just knew he was the big deal. The man insisted that we had lunch with him and his circle of people. He had a private chef making huge hamburgers on a fancy BBQ.

I was eating as fast as I could, not wanting to insult our host, but still thinking about poor Nicholas Cage and his kleenex incident!

And I woke up actually biting on my forearm!


Anyone interested in analyzing this one for me?

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