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Sometimes I can appear a bit weird or gore in my interests…

For one thing, I like to read about serial killers. I obviously don’t find these people ”cool”. I don’t find what they did ”cool”. And although I know I’ll never understand, I am interested in trying to get what makes some people act like that.

I also enjoy learning about the history behind some dark events of the past.

On Québec license plates, you can read ”Je me souviens” (I remember). I believe that remembering where we went wrong, as human beings, is the best way  not to repeat the same errors.

The 1984 catastrophy in Bhopal, India isn’t something most of the people I know, have heard of. Still, it is one of the worst industrial disasters in the world to this day. Simple security neglections caused countless deaths and affected the survivors in terrible ways. I recommend the book ”Five past midnight in Bhopal” if you don’t know about the story. It is not joyous, to say the least. But it is definately worth the reading.

I am guessing everybody knows about Chernobyl’s  nuclear central explosion, but how much do you know, really? I found out this five, one hours long, episodes series not long ago. I watched the conclusion tonight, and I was truly impressed. In a very sober way, the whole story unravels, from the events that happened in the middle of that night of April 26th of 1986, until the trial to settle whose fault it was.

The cast is awesome, the tone is just right, and it is quite shocking to see how far humans are willing to go to protect their ”honor”. It is a series about the nuclear disaster, of course, but also about how governments sometimes choose denial over admitting that they failed us.

Thank God, there are some people who work to pass on the history. Because we need to know. We need to be aware. Otherwise… We’ll just let the history repeat itself. And I don’t think we can allow that.

End of me being serious. Check out the trailer, though!



6 thoughts on “Chernobyl…

    1. I am not sure, we found it on ”Super Écran” and we don’t have Netflix at home… But if you get a chance to watch it, don’t hesitate! Every episode is super interesting…

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