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Just a game…

  You played me,  just a chess game… Grinned as you planted every pawn, wading your way! Jigsawn,  planning ahead… Next step and the step after… Eating me up, taking me down,  bit by bit, one piece at a time. * You played me, mocked me, dragged me in the mud… When my king fell…… Continue reading Just a game…

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Playing with Joy!

  Joyroses, from Nuggets of Gold, has invited everybody to join in a Mab Libs inspired game she made up. Her own ”filled in” version describes something that happened to her today. If you want to try it, it’s easy. You just take the text bellow, fill in the blanks, and then link your take here!  …… Continue reading Playing with Joy!

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Cadavre exquis, anyone? – Take 2

Hello Lovelies! As you might (or very possibly might not) remember, last October, I played “cadavre exquis” with a couple of fellow bloggers. You can catch up with my first invitation here. Colin, Suze, The Bag Lady and Urban Liaisons participated and the result was pretty amazing, especially for a first shot!   I’d like…… Continue reading Cadavre exquis, anyone? – Take 2

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Right from the start you took control. Your game, your ground, your rules. I didn’t mind… I so wanted to be yours. All yours and yours only. On the dance floor you had picked me, like others pick a flower from a bush, taking me away, pulling me in the shadow, away from the spotlight…… Continue reading Rules…

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Cadavre exquis, anyone?

Anyone wants to play with me? I was brainstorming about what to do in The Cove today. I wanted to do something new, something special, and something that would be somewhat interactive… And I had this idea, that might not work, but hey! Won’t work anyway if I don’t try first, right?? So, you might…… Continue reading Cadavre exquis, anyone?