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Covid-19 sure is a nasty bugger of a virus.

It has killed way too many people to my liking, and unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped to men women and children. The Corona virus has also killed some of my favorite little restaurants, downtown. It has killed super cool handshakes and high five-ing in general.

But it is not all negative… Yeah, I know, who would have thought so, right??

May I announce the recent death of something I hate with all my guts? (Of course, I may! This is my blog, isn’t it?)

Drumroll please…

Rest in peace, dang Speak Out!!




For those of you not familiar with Speak Out, it was this absolutely stupid game (sorry if you like it… I – obviously – don’t.) where you’d put on one of these ridiculous mouth pieces, and then try to read extremely hard to pronounce phrases while people made fun of you and incidentally tried to guess what you were trying to say.

Hilarious? Surprisingly, it was to a lot of people. Not to me, though.

What annoyed me the most about the ”game”, was that people who bought it all seemed to be the kind that will sit by your side and bug you incessantly, until you put the feckin’ mouth piece on just to get rid of them.

And before you knew it, you were the only one who hadn’t done it, and that made you a party pooper.

And you guessed right, I was my family’s party pooper. I NEVER agreed to share a mouth piece with my aunt’s husband, or that cousin I only see for our annual family Christmas party. Not even if it had soaked in very powerful mouthwash, or any kind of soap and water mix. (Because, of course, the box only contained 4 mouth pieces, for a party of 25 guests)


So tonight, I (not so) secretly rejoice, thinking that Speak Out’s golden days are over.

R.I.P Speak Out! And long life to Trivial Pursuit… Even if Dad will always get his pie full before we can try to aspire to win… for once.


12 thoughts on “R.I.P…

    1. Oh my, yes it is… Well, it ”was”. A germ nightmare LOL The first game is disgusting, but can you imagine playing over and over and over again? One word: Yuck!!


    1. Sure thing! I used to be far from a germophobe before covid-19, but even back then, sharing mouth pieces was a big no! If anybody brings back this game when we’re allowed to meet again in person, I’ll make it ”disappear”. LOL

      Hope you’re doing well Gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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