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Right from the start you took control. Your game, your ground, your rules.

I didn’t mind… I so wanted to be yours. All yours and yours only.

On the dance floor you had picked me, like others pick a flower from a bush, taking me away, pulling me in the shadow, away from the spotlight and straight into your arms. No word needed, your warm breath on my neck spelling clearly your plans for the night.

It wasn’t the first time… Every now and then, you expected me there, dressed to kill and ready for the hunt. Only I was the prey. Your prey. You enjoyed watching me join the crowd, and wait for the feeling of your fingers around my wrist, or your hand rounding my waist. I had to win you over, every time. Rolling my hips, doing my thing, and I knew the more men started to move closer, the better my chances were of you coming to steal me away.

You liked to watch the disappointment in the gentlemen’s eyes, as mine lit up at the sight of your silhouette coming out of nowhere. I purred as your lips greeted my bare shoulder, before dragging me out of the bar.

Out of the bar, and straight to your lair… And depending on your mood, you either made me strip slowly or almost ripped every piece of clothing off my body. I loved being yours to take, and you enjoyed how I let you use me for your fantasy du moment… Rough or gentle, you played me like a musical instrument, pulling moans and sighs out of my trembling body. Until we both collapsed, drained yet totally fulfilled, in the ruffled sheets of your bed…

One could have thought you’d then just send me back home, but you weren’t like that. As much as lust attracted you to me, you also enjoyed a long talk by the fire, once your hunger for skin was satisfied.

I could have lived by your rules for a long time, had you only been so painfully handsome… But getting to know you eventually changed the game.

Standing there, near the exit of the bar, your arms locking me against your chest, your mouth hastily running up my neck, I spoke the forbidden words…

Do you love me?

Knowing you probably didn’t. But I knew you were addicted. You knew I’d give you anything you wanted gladly…  You just didn’t expect you’d have to pay the price to get it. At least not so soon.

“Tables have turned, baby.” I thought for myself…  “The rules have changed. I make them now… ”


#NovemberNotes2017 – New Rules * Dua Lipa


In response to November Notes Writing Challenge by  Sarah Doughty of Heartstring EulogiesRosema from A Reading Writer and Máh from Writing is my Pensieve.❤



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