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Go Daddy!



It is no secret that among all our little feathery visitors, cardinals are my favorite, so far.

They come everyday, at very specific times, and have such distinctive ways of singing that I rarely miss them. They are on the shy side, though, and don’t appreciate my spying on them.

Last spring,  I caught the above picture. For those of you not familiar with cardinals, only the mature males bear this beautiful flashy red plumage. Lady cardinals have a much more discreet brownish one. I appologize for having been a little sexist, but I wasn’t expecting that my only sightings of babies getting fed would involve the daddy.

How wrong of me… Daddy cardinal is very dedicated to its offsprings. But sometimes, he can be a little clumsy.

Last week, I caught the following video. To Daddy cardinal’s defense, the table on the above picture hasn’t lived through last winter, and we haven’t replaced it, yet. And you have to give it to him… The electric cable isn’t the most stable place to try to stuff dinner down your little one’s throat, but he is really trying hard to get the job done.

Anyway, it made me smile, and I hope it’ll do the same to you….


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