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You wouldn’t survive…

Twenty four hours in the outside world!

I’ve told Freja this very phrase thousands of times in the past five years. And not as an insult, no, it’s rather a reminder and a warning, knowing how our little furball lacks feline instinct.

You’d think that all cats were gifted with the skills of their larger and wild family members. That it would be a given… But no. Some kitties, like Freja, have absolutely no clue when it comes to hunting and other means regarding surviving outside the comfort of a human home.

One thing she does give a try to, is hiding. But she honestly isn’t good at it. One of my previous cats, Poupine, could literally disappear in the smallest apartment. I once spent a good 45 minutes searching for her, and I only had a small bedroom, a tiny kitchen/living room and a bathroom. She really was a ninja when it came to hiding from me.

Freja?… Obviously doesn’t compute the concept of hiding. I think that she believes that as long as her head is invisible, so is the rest of her body. Pretty much the ”I can’t see you, so you can’t see me!” magic thought.

But I’ll let you judge for yourself…


(Almost) hiding.


Very stealthy!

8 thoughts on “You wouldn’t survive…

  1. Some might say the same for our own furry companion here, who is possibly the last in a long, unbroken line of K9s that have guided us together since the day Mrs Richmond and I met, some 100 years ago. Polly is a Labrador who has never barked in her life (I am not exaggerating – really, not once) and is now almost 15 years old and absolutely stone deaf. She has never been in a fight and has never experienced any sort of malice. Birds perch on her back undisturbed. I have seen a lizard drink from her bowl and she has shown no objection.
    So she would seem ill-equiped for the outside world.
    But I suspect she would survive handsomely regardless.
    She has charm.
    Charm will get you everywhere.
    Perhaps your little girl has that too.


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