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Dreaming a dream… – FFFC


She started rolling left and right in the bed. He knew what it meant.

Pulling the sheets up to his nose, he closed his eyes really tight, hoping to fool her with absolutely no success.

Mornin’ Sweet Pea! – Yawning – I just had the weirdest dream…

The six words he dreaded.

Let me tell you…

Oh please, please do! Even if it was in his head, the little voice was still sarcastic.

I was in a trail by the ocean, in the middle of the night. The sky was filled with super bright stars, but moonless. I was standing there alone and wondering what I was doing there, when a little girl walked by me.

She held a bouquet of strings, each attached to a balloon-like planet. And the planets shone in the night, lighting her way along the path. I started following her, from a distance, and I noticed she was carrying a large suitcase.  

I tried to ask her where she was going, but words wouldn’t come out of my mouth, and the more I followed her, the closer she held the planet to her frail silhouette. As if I was a threat to the universe. 

I tried to walk closer, but she stopped and looked over her shoulder. Pulling the bluest planet close to her chest, she shushed me. I felt like she was judging me.

Caressing her round belly through the covers, she turned his way.

Do you think it could be our little girl, expressing her anxiety about the world she’s about to discover? Do you think she might be scared?

He cuddled next to his wife, and pressed his cheek to her belly.

No Honey… I just think you shouldn’t have two large slices of that super fudgy chocolate cake just before bedtime!

Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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