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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s one thing you would need to get fixed? 


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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. This question warrants two answers for me based on the actual meaning of the question. One is basically what is one thing that you do not have the skillset to repair so you must get fixed, and the other is what is currently broken that you must get fixed. The second is my dishwasher, the former is pretty much EVERYTHING that can’t be fixed with duct tape.


    1. I’m having trouble getting my head completely around this.
      Am I to take it that you are about to repair the dishwasher with duct tape?
      And when you say ‘dishwasher’, are you referring to your partner?
      Because, if so, duct tape might be just the thing, solving all sorts of issues. Though it may not get the dishes done any quicker, it will reduce the horrible whining noise that normally accompanies the process.

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      1. hahaha! No. I legitimately mean the kitchen appliance that when it works, you place the dishes in it and it squirts water and soap at it while you watch YouTube videos.

        I have tried in the past, and duct tape only ever worked to fix a dishwasher for my grandfather. My mother used to say he could fix everything with duct tape and shoe laces – I’m a solid 5 on the duct tape repair scale. Dishwashers are outside my prevue.

        The whining noise never bothered me – just raise the volume on the tv. Or use headphones. It can whine as loud and as obnoxiously as it wants – why waste the duct tape? I could use it for better things – like repairing the soles of my favorite sneakers lol

        No, the dishwasher repair shall have to wait. It is beyond my current financial repair abilities (thanks COVID), so I have to wait until I can get them to deliver a new one that works. Then I have to figure out how me and my trusty duct tape can get the new one outta the box and into the slot without getting a hernia.


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