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I would make you look too!



I could have my Gucci onI could wear my Louis VuittonBut even with nothin’ onBet I made you look (I made you look)!


These aren’t my words. They were written by Meghan Trainor (the well-known singer). And they caught my attention when the song Made you look became a trend on TikTok (Yeah, I haven’t crawled out of that rabbit hole yet).

I must say that the song is somewhat catchy, and I admire that Meghan actively supports body diversity. As a matter of fact, the song was inspired by a challenge her therapist had given her to overcome her body insecurities after giving birth…

So, yeah, I feel a little bad about what I am about to say, but after all, what are the odds that Meghan might eventually read my words? Slim to none if not simply unexistent. But just in case, Miss Trainor, if you read this, I really don’t mean to mock you, or your work, I promise.


There’s something absurd in these lyrics, and I hope I’m not the only one who noticed.

The whole song is about this girl saying that she could catch people’s attention wearing expensive designer clothes and accessories, but that even not wearing anything, she’d still make heads turn.

My understanding is that she implies that she feels very hot (which she should) with or without clothes (U2, you can use this for a new song title, if you ever want to join the body diversity movement… My gift to the world of music! You can thank me later).

Now, I’m neither hot, nor wealthy. But I know for sure that even if I could afford insanely expensive clothing, I’d never bring as much attention to myself if I stood in a crowd wearing a designer gown, as if I just showed up naked.

Nudity clearly wins over haute couture (although sometimes models aren’t wearing all that much clothing on the catwalk – thus proving my point).

I will admit, that if I did indeed undress in a public place, which will NEVER happen… People would be disappointed. But they would look at me anyway. Way more than if I wore any fancy outfit.

So, yeah… Well done on the music and the active work against body shaming. But I still think that anyone’s nude body would catch more attention than if they were draped in gold and diamonds.

Unless this was gold body painting, with incrusted diamonds.

Nah, not even, I take that back.

If I was naked, I’d make you look… Too.

End of story.


P.S. It is NOT going to happen. I don’t need that kind of attention.


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