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A little help, pretty pretty please…



Like most people, I don’t like to ask for help.

But this is so easy, that I’ll take a chance… After all, you Lovelies are the kindest of people, and I know that if I don’t ask, I won’t know if it could work.

I would like to start doing ”Live” events on YouTube. That way, I could take people with me on walks around town, and do little projects about the WWW without having to worry about using too much of my cell phone’s memory.

The problem being that in order to go ”Live”, I have to have 50 followers on YouTube. And to this day, I only have 28.

I’m lacking 22 followers to get going.

So… If you’d be kind enough to search for ”Cyranny’s Cove” (rings a bell?), next time you log into Youtube, and click on the follow button, I’d be really grateful. Whenever I hit the 50 followers count, I’ll keep you posted on my ”Live” sessions.

This should be fun… And if you want to see a specific part of MontrΓ©al, I’ll gladly take you there. Otherwise, I’ll just offer random walks in my favorite neighbourhoods.

That should motivate me to get more active… If I get my 22 new followers, of course πŸ˜‰

Thanks in advance!

8 thoughts on “A little help, pretty pretty please…

    1. I do of course use YouTube for my SLS posts – but I have never subscribed to any sites – that is what I mean. But I know plenty who have their own YouTube channels who will follow.

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      1. Thank you so much Caramel πŸ™‚ That’s so nice of you to have shared my info. My YouTube account isn’t very interesting so far (although I have a video that hit 23.000 views – that’s viral on my personal level LOL), but I hope to make something out of it, starting next week… We’ll see how that goes.


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