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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you usually find it easy to take decisions?


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7 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Take them or make them? My own decisions, of course, are invariably, efficient, brilliantly thought out, and very easy to take (surprisingly easy to make, too). Other people’s decisions, on the other hand ……
    This goes back a long way. I remember my mother’s decisions about what time I should go to bed as an eight-year-old, for example, to be utterly ridiculous and unacceptable.


  2. It depends on what I have to make a decision on. Something important I will think about. But on occasion when I am selling lotto and customer tells me to pick one of the tickets for them I always resort to eenie meanie minie mo. Has yet to fail me. The other thing is if I am looking to purchase something whatever my eye is drawn back is what I end up buying. IE water bottles. Pink caught my eye. There was also white and black. I read the sayings on all three of them but ultimately I bought the pink one. It was an awesome water bottle. And then I broke it.


  3. I think I have improved with decision making. It really helps that I have a clear sense of purpose. But apart from that, I do not have any strong preferences, I am pretty easy-going with most things which makes being decisive not my natural inclination.


  4. No. I do whatever feels right in that moment and it generally works out. If I deliberate too much, I always pick the logical thing which gnerally has bad results in the long run (weirdly enough).


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