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Time to say goodbye…



Chéri just brought to my attention that we are about to die.

We had been warned that today, the weather would be particularely hot, but for some reason, the government hasn’t prepared us for that much heat. Then again, I can’t really blame them. There’s nothing they could have done to save us anyway. Aside from making all Montrealers move out, which would have been almost impossible to do, with all the blocked roads and bridges.

So all in all, I think it was nice of them to let us have one last peaceful night of sleep. Not stressing out about if we would melt, the coming morning, or if our apartment would catch on fire first.

I hope that the sudden, and unexpected disappearance in flames (I guess) of Montréal will make climate-change septics rethink their believes.

Because 437 Celsius (roughly 818 Farenheits, for my friends South of the border), by all means, is NOT natural weather. I mean, my oven doesn’t even reach that heat.

And I sure never imagined I could end my life broiling to death.

So farewell, my Lovelies… It has been great getting to know each and every one of you!

If it’s ever possible to set foot on Montréal ground after this tragedy, I’d appreciate if someone could scoop a little bag of ashes, and go spread them in Denmark.

If Denmark hasn’t burnt by then.

One thought on “Time to say goodbye…

  1. LOL, the good news is the weather service couldn’t predict a piss up in a brewery. The bad news, I’d be planning for near absolute zero temperatures.


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